Old Pine Trading Company started as an Etsy store that housed a few crafts. Its purpose began as a way to help support a women’s ministry, within a non profit organization. The non profit owns land in Sanjweru, Africa, which enables them to have a close up view of not only the needs of the people but the appropriate help required in order to serve them well. Old Pine was birthed in the area of ministry as a way to assist in serving and empowering a community in need.

The crafts of Old Pine were created during after work hours but the history behind Old Pine contained years of advertising and ministry experience, as well as graphic experience in collectable design, wedding, and textile design. More time and focus to the art of Old Pine Trading Company was needed but hadn’t yet been available.

In July of 2017, after much prayer, Old Pine Trading Company took a step of faith and launched into a full time freelance endeavor. With years of learning and understanding communication design in the advertising world, a board member’s view of a non profits work, first hand experience on staff in a church (that started small and grew large), and with a love for scripture, Old Pine Trading Company is now a cottage industry with a larger mission. To learn more, just visit our “Our Mission” page!

You can now purchase church graphics right here on this site through each blog post. Old Pine’s crafts are still housed in an Etsy Store.